Denis & Deborah HADDAD                                      Accounting and Tax Advisory in Israel                    Certified Social Audit                                                  

The path to healthy and appropriate taxation in Israel

. Our dynamic team is multidisciplinary. It is made up of tax advisors, chartered accountants, certified social auditors, lawyers and accounting staff. Our firm is a firm of experts in taxation and social auditing which supports you on a daily basis.

. Our different services will meet the needs of your company

A social audit firm certified by the inspection work in Israel

. We offer you a social audit mission within your company. Our social auditor is certified by the labor inspectorate - Ministry of Economy and Industry. The social rights of employees are verified as well as the procedures for ending employment contracts. Correspondence with the labor inspectorate subject to formal notices sent to the employer are processed quickly.


Digital, efficient work tools available to our customers

. A modern and innovative approach to the management of accounting and legal documents reconciling the flexibility of digital technology and order in the organization of your file. We provide you in your personal space with your dashboards necessary for your daily management.

2004, our year of foundation

We speak Hebrew, French and English

Our team is waiting for you

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