A highly involved, experienced and competent firm


It was founded in 2004. Over these years, we have built a professional and trusting working relationship with our customers. The sound management of accounting files in relation to state organizations such as the tax center, the bitouah leoumi and the labor inspectorate, has reassured our business leaders.

. Long experience and practice in accounting and tax advisory in Israel

Over the years our firm has specialized in accounting, payroll management, international tax consulting and social auditing.

These fifteen years of practice before our Aliya, are an asset updated regularly, for the needs of our clients with companies in Israel and France. Our advice and analyzes are therefore carried out using different approaches and depending on the country where your company resides. The working materials consist of tax packages and files from French management centers. We are in contact with your accountant in France, if necessary for better professional supervision of your file.

At DH Accounting, working relationships are built on trust and respect for our commitments. these are important values ​​for us.

. The prices of our services are attractive

Our prices are affordable and adapted to client files.

There are no overcharges for fees or unbudgeted costs.

. Our ability to listen to you

You need advice or explanations in order to understand your file. We take the necessary time.

Our human resources are at your disposal.

. Our responsiveness

The handling of your file is quick and efficient. In the event that you wish to change firms, we contact your previous accounting firm and we take care of all the formalities within a short period of time in order to ensure continuity and move forward with the missing points in your file.

. Our confidentiality

We are very discreet and love this principle of professional confidentiality which maintains a privileged and warm relationship with our clients, apart from the fact that the ethics of our profession asks us to do so.

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